History of Public transport bus service

Over the last two centuries, innovation has completely reshaped the mechanisms and the looks of buses. However, their purpose has remained unchanged: they remain safe, efficient, and comfortable group transportation vehicles. Buses have evolved over the years based on society’s needs. In the early history of buses, economic reasons ruled: replicating a single mechanism and […]

CNG – General awareness

Advantages of CNG as Automotive fuel? Low operational cost Environment friendly Adulteration free Increased life of lubricating oils high auto-ignition temperature of 540 C Cost of conversion kit for CNG vehicles It varies from Rs. 30000 to 40000 for 3/4 wheelers and Rs. 300000 approx. for buses. Can a vehicle fitted with CNG conversion kit […]

15 Important Benefits of Choosing School Buses For Students

1. Reduction in Traffic A school bus can accommodate around 50-100 students at once. That means parents need not pick up and drop off their children separately in their private cars, and there will be less number of vehicles on the road. School transportation contributes positively to reducing the traffic. 2. Reduction in Pollution With […]

CO2 Emissions To The Least With Public Transit

Automobiles mark the inevitable movement excuse that we put into our pockets from childhood. When the demand hikes with time and luxurious living style, we often resort to private vehicles. We never think of possible alternatives that can ease our movements. Flexibility in moving, time frames, modern trends, and high-class living style has made us […]

Clean, Sanitize & Disinfect Your School Buses

Is it the right time for re-opening schools to the wake of the pandemic? With the followed safety guidelines inside the classroom areas, the scope for school bus cleaning is also an inevitable element. Think of how well your school buses stay adhered to the re-opening phase with the convergence of the novel coronavirus. One […]

A Safer School Bus Journey – Tips For Parents & Children

Children are the building elements of the future. To impart the essential knowledge and skills in them, we have the best cover of education system in India. Kerala accounts for more than 4000 government schools, above 7000 aided schools and below 1000 unaided ones. Analysing on an approximate, every school will have an average of […]

Bus Body Code Implementation Through The Years

We all have that special comfort-driven feeling to travel by bus. It gives that extra bit of relaxed and safe occupancy while choosing your journey. Furthermore, people have that urge and safety feeling, in addition to affordability. This common scenario has made the industry rise like a rocket with private bus manufacturers sprouting to the […]


The omnibus, which is the first land-based innovation in public transportation, was brought in the year 1826. The omnibuses were the passenger wagons which were pulled by one to three horses in accordance to the size. The largest model had a capacity to hold up to 42 passengers where some were two storied with an […]

24 hrs service

Introducing a turnkey bus solution with 24 hrs service Providing fully built buses with any automotive brand chasis within your budget with 10yrs warranty Bus Rental Options Bus body Replacement Online bus resale and exchange Accidental repair service within Kerala


In 1973, Mr. Tom Thomas’s journey began by establishing Kondody Motors with a single bus and later multiplying to a strong 30 bus fleet over the years, and their journey has been unstoppable since then. Expanding their service to bus body building, they formed a new unit – Kondody Autocraft India Pvt.LTD in 1980. Moving […]