15 Important Benefits of Choosing School Buses For Students

1. Reduction in Traffic

A school bus can accommodate around 50-100 students at once. That means parents need not pick up and drop off their children separately in their private cars, and there will be less number of vehicles on the road. School transportation contributes positively to reducing the traffic.

2. Reduction in Pollution

With every student choosing buses for daily commute to school and a reduction in private vehicles comes from the safe environment. Less number of cars on roads results in reduced pollution.

3. Keeps Students Punctual

When students have to travel through transportation by school, they have to be punctual to board the bus on time in the morning as well as the evening. It is because of school buses have to pick up and drop off all the students on time. That is why drivers won’t wait for extra time to pick up the children.

4. Keeps Students Active

One of the critical benefits of school buses is that, it keeps students active. As children wake up on time and do their morning chores to board their bus on time. This early to bed and early to rise theory is important to keep every child active.

5. Safe Driving by Drivers

School management thoroughly tests and analyses drivers keeping the safety factors in mind. The drivers are licensed, experienced, and do not hold any road rash case in the past. These skilled drivers add to the safety of school buses. So, school transportation is the best option to choose by parents for their children.

6. New Friends for Children

Students commute to and from the school with around 40-50 co-travelers daily. So they are likely to make friends with each other. The friendship between children is the best way to enjoy the traveling time. Thus, students prefer traveling through buses rather than private vehicles of their parents.

7. Makes Children Responsible

The parents are not with their children in the school buses. The absence of the parents increases the sense of responsibility in kids, as they have to take care of everything themselves.

8.  Peace of Mind for Parents

As buses are the safest way to commute for students, the parents can stay relaxed without worrying about the security of their little ones.

9. No Wasting of Time

The buses pick up students with wasting time in waiting. Every student knows the time of the arrival of the bus at their stoppage. It means they don’t need to spend their time waiting for buses’ arrival before time.

10. Easily Accessible

The transport authorities assign buses to different routes. And those buses have the stoppages that are easily accessible by the students. They don’t have to walk for a long distance to catch the bus.

11. Economically Beneficial

The monthly fees for choosing a school bus is always less than the cost of petrol for driving a private vehicle. It saves fuel that eventually keeps money. So, school transportation is economically beneficial for the parents.

12. Parents Can Manage their Time

When the children use school transport, their parents don’t have to juggle between the household chores, office, and driving their kids to school. This time management is beneficial for parents to balance their life and work. It also saves their daily commuting time.

13. School management can stay updated on the bus location

School authorities are keeping no stone unturned to ensure the safety of their students.

They have complete real-time location data of every student from the time they board the bus to getting off from it.

They can also check if any student didn’t board the bus.

In that case, they cross verify with the parents, if the students are at home to ensure that parents are aware of their absenteeism.

14. Timely Commencing of Classes

With every student reaching school on time, teachers can start their courses on time. It is beneficial for them to complete their yearly syllabus on time, including the revisions. Thus, students, as well as teachers, become more productive.

15. School Buses are easily recognizable

The yellow colour of a school bus is not for just enhancing its design. It is essential for the safety of the bus.

The colour yellow is easily recognizable, that’s why school buses are painted in such a way. Along with this, there is always an emergency number highlighted on the back of the bus.

In case, if any mishap or rash driving has been done by the driver, other riders can quickly inform the school authorities.

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