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Kondody Autocraft, accredited as one of the top 10 bus body builders in India and the largest stage carrier bus body builder in Kerala, provides competent services with state-of-the-art technological prowess. The company operates based on innovation, efficiency, quality, and a commitment to safety, which serve as its foundational principles. With over four decades of experience in the industry, Kondody leverages its expertise and a commitment to excellence to consistently improve its deliverables. When selecting the best school, college, and staff bus manufacturer in Kerala, South India, our company provides an unmatched customer experience. We stand out as the most durable and strong school, college, and staff bus body manufacturers. Renowned for our quality, abundant resources, operational swiftness, and technical expertise, we consistently uphold our dedication to eminence.

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school, college, and staff Bus body manufacturer in India.


Indulge in superior travel comfort with our buses, offering premium push-back seats, luxury seats, and cozy HHR seats. High-quality interior panels ensure zero noise, and all our buses are available with AC options. Opt for the safest school and college bus manufacturer in India, prioritizing both security and comfort in your journey.


Our buses undergo rigorous tests, including stability, rollover, and window retention, ensuring the highest safety standards. The built-in sensors in passenger doors enhance safety during access and egress. Trust us as the safest school and college bus manufacturer in India, committed to providing unparalleled safety features for your peace of mind.


Experience enhanced aesthetics with the redesigned BSVI range, featuring upgraded exteriors and interiors. The semi-premium range boasts DRL and LED lights, while premium seats elevate the interior finish alongside reimagined dashboards and new panels. Elevate your journey with the best school, college, staff and stage carrier bus manufacturer in Kerala, South India.

Innovation in Action: Kondody Autocraft’s Technical Expertise.

With a reliable technical team specializing in executing innovative and bespoke designs, our commitment extends to building the most fuel-efficient school bus in India. Always tested before actualizing, our techniques and practices adhere to international and national standards, ensuring a blend of ingenuity and efficiency.

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"As a durable and strong school, college, and staff bus body manufacturer,
we prioritize both innovation and durability in our designs."

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