CO2 Emissions To The Least With Public Transit

Automobiles mark the inevitable movement excuse that we put into our pockets from childhood. When the demand hikes with time and luxurious living style, we often resort to private vehicles. We never think of possible alternatives that can ease our movements. Flexibility in moving, time frames, modern trends, and high-class living style has made us sick of private transit. In India for a fiscal year, you can account for more than 21 million units of two-wheelers. Similarly, 30 million cars sprout in a year by the latest stats. This trend reflects the need and lifestyle of people. Approximately 30% of air pollution in India relates to automobile emissions. It marks a topic of concern, and here we discuss the impact & possible alternative of using public transit over private vehicles.

Threats of increased personal transits

The centre for Science and Environment’s analysis of the emission data of the Automotive Research Association of India has pointed out the threat. The CO2 emissions from new cars and private automobiles have kept on the rising pattern. These emissions have a direct connection to the fuel economy of automobiles. Personal vehicles, cars and two-wheelers are the prime contributors to the emission cause. Looking at a stat in Delhi, an approximate 60% of carbon emission accounts for cars and two-wheelers, in contrast to other vehicles. The trend has kept on hiking in Kerala too with the evolving modern automobile sectors. Meanwhile, only 20 % of emissions account for public transport buses which needs proper attention as the best alternative.

Major Impacts Of Emission

  • Greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 emissions from motor vehicles results in trapping additional heat from the atmosphere, causing the greenhouse effect.
  • Climate change due to the accumulation of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Irregular seasons, lessened rainfall, seasonal changes all happen to the cause.
  • Air pollutant emissions can adversely affect human health too. Respiratory illness, heart diseases, and cancer. It can extend from acute health issues to chronic health disorders.

Significance of public transit – A change for nature

Witness the sustainable mode of transit, where people can converge together and travel utilizing the time, space, fuel consumption and emission control to the best advantage. While using public or private transport buses as an alternative, you can eliminate the need for five cars and ten bikes on an average. Better fuel conservation and lower emission percentage are the highlighted elements that gain importance. The stat sounds like a passenger car which carries a single person emits nearly 40 kg of CO2 for 100 passenger miles. While it is around 6.5 kg for a single bus. Does that sound awesome and conservative? Similarly, children can have a better journey in school buses rather than opting for personal vehicles. If we keep this trend of opting private transit within our routine life, it can ignite a better traffic flow, pollution less environment, good climate, better living and a greater future ahead.

“If you can’t burn less, explore the common transit with limited emission”

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