Bus Body Code Implementation Through The Years

We all have that special comfort-driven feeling to travel by bus. It gives that extra bit of relaxed and safe occupancy while choosing your journey. Furthermore, people have that urge and safety feeling, in addition to affordability. This common scenario has made the industry rise like a rocket with private bus manufacturers sprouting to the cause. When the demand for buses increases, manufacturers should adhere to some standard guidelines. In India, the trend has been a bit varied, as the chassis manufacture and bodybuilding are two separate zones

Initial Guideline Implementation

To the initial phase of time, all bus body industries lacked the in-house quality and organized way of engineering the craft. Time evoked the need to have standard rules for the design & body build associated with the enormous growth. This made the call for the implementation of AIS standard for bus-body building. The Automotive Industrial standard 052 was a benchmark to the initial phase of time. Establishment of the Bus Body Accreditation System & adherence of bus body to the safety standard 052 was the best step towards a safer way of busbody building. Safety rules come under the ARAI and CIRT- the prime testing and certification centres for the standard.

The Imposed Change

The implementation of the AIS standard has set the revamped standard to all bus body manufacturers. With time it saw the benefit to the comforts of people having a safer journey. The accreditation lies mandatory for all bodybuilders to prove their capacity and infrastructure of building base. Meanwhile the bus body code 052 has separate provisions included within. It recalls the perfect code of building associated with bus dimensions, structural designs and safety parameters. As you can witness the hard way of passenger safety within buses, AIS standard has its significance and worth linked. The situation struck both organized and unorganized sectors of bus-body builders. With strict adherence and parameters, they are finding it harder to own the approvals from authorities.

Crowned Feather Of Accreditation

Not all companies own this, not every manufacture possess this, not every busbody builders will abide. This is where the standard premium quality bus body manufacturers come to be keen with a varied style and safety blended. Kondody Autocraft, one of the largest bus manufacturer in Kerala obtained plant accreditation from CIRT and procured AIS-052 bus body code in 2016. Since then, they have been building buses of premium style and luxury standards, strictly adhering to the guidelines. Even today while most of the bus-body builders are trying for the approvals, Kondody excelled in manufacturing buses according to the body code. With most sort of bus approvals, Kondody group is showing the planet, how a neat luxurious design can make the varied noise of additional safety.
On October 2017, bodybuilding norms saw the relaxation as government and bus-body builders had a vital conversation. According to previous norms and regulations, local workshops hardly got the approvals. The relaxation pointed, workshops can manufacture if they abide by ARAI rules, without getting the type approval. But, the bus-body builder should self-clarify compliance and adherence to AIS 052. When looking for extra safety and perfect compliance, it’s always better to go with the superior bus builders who have the accreditation and license. This can benefit you with better built-in quality, high-standard interiors and best travel comforts.

"Let's go the standardized way of meeting the perfect bus body build!"

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