A Safer School Bus Journey – Tips For Parents & Children

Children are the building elements of the future. To impart the essential knowledge and skills
in them, we have the best cover of education system in India. Kerala accounts for more than
4000 government schools, above 7000 aided schools and below 1000 unaided ones. Analysing
on an approximate, every school will have an average of five buses for getting your loved ones
to the destine. Have you ever thought about that journey? Or have you given enough
importance to their school journey which nearly bridges your little chaps from home to the
school and back forth? Perhaps, this is what we pinpoint here with utter importance. From the
point of their start from home towards the school, many little elements can matter. Now let’s
have an analysis for both parents and children to look out with the journey

Tips for Parents- Making You Ready To Go

  1.  Help your child to be fully packed up with all regular stuff before they leave from the house. Make sure that they don’t have to return, looking for things.
  2.  Avoid the unnecessary rush towards the bus-stop. Get everything on track and try to make your child reach the bus stop a few minutes earlier.
  3. Arrange the things in perfect shape & condition to their bags without overloading it. Keep an eye on the stuff that may sprout or hang from the bags that may give a pause to their travel.
  4. Make sure your child walks through the sideways, towards the stop facing the traffic and not on the opposite side. Try to accompany them on all possible means or else a concerned person.
  5. Always pick up and drop your child at the dedicated bus-stops allotted without hurry-burry. Children stand a chance to get surprised by your sighting and rush towards you. So be at the right place and time.
  6. Give them instructions on the advance on strangers, street dogs and all possible encounters on the road if you miss out accompanying them, or if it’s a short distance.

Tips For Students- While Boarding

  1. Look your either side and cross with caution towards your bus-stop. Don’t rush while crossing.
  2. Keep in mind to reach the stop a few minutes earlier as this can give you an easy get in, without unnecessary hustle.
  3. Don’t try to run into a moving bus. Wait till it completely stops its motion. Also never try to run towards the bus if you are late, arrange your time from the very beginning.
  4. While crossing the road, pay attention to the traffic. Remember to cross in front of the bus and not at the backside so that the driver can watch you till the very end.
  5. Stay away to the wheels of the bus as no one can notice you there. Stand in uniformity, forming a line to approach and enter the bus. Avoid the unwanted congestion.
  6. If you lose any of your stuff while entering, ask driver the permission to get out and take it. Don’t just rush in for your items on your own.

Tips For Students- Inside The bus

  1. While entering the bus, pay special attention using handrails. Don’t just hang into the door giving bye-bye to your mom or dad.
  2. As soon as you flash inside, check the seats and be seated immediately. If possible, core seats can give you the best comfort.
  3. When sitting, don’t try to read or do anything with your books. This makes your eye in more strain while you try to concentrate more.
  4. Never try to put your head or hands out of the window. Try to keep your comfortable position towards the end of the journey. 
  5. Avoid unnecessary walks in between the journey as the driver can’t notice you with immediate breakings.
  6. In case of bad health like the sensation of vomiting or fever, inform the driver or concerned persons in prior who will be there to assist you.
  7. Don’t try to spit the chocolates or throw unwanted stuff to the outside. Take special care to check your concerned person at the arrival. 
  8. Never try to jump or start from your position before the bus stops. Take a calm walk out of the bus without missing any of your stuff inside.

Whatever we have discussed, marks an insight that we need to develop within ourselves. Schools have their part too when choosing the best journey for their little buds. They should pay special attention to the bus body build, safety adherence, emergency exit information and necessary check-ups before every start. Purchasing buses or building them with the best bus body manufacturers in Kerala holds the key. Try the accurate model with package capacity and inbuilt features that can offer you the best comforts. When it is about the future little chaps, give some concern towards their journey too.

"Be ready packed to school, let's bind it with the best travel comforts!"

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