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Comfort category (NDX) Non Deluxe
Overall Body Width 2350 mm & 2200 mm
Overall Body Height 2850 mm
Overall Length Varies with wheelbase.
Seat Configuration 3×3, 3×2, 2×2
Type of seat used Kaizen school seats
Seat material used Rexin
Seat Width 920mm and 1020 mm
Legroom Minimum of 280 mm
Gangway up to 580 mm
Side ventilation Sliding glass window
Door no.’s & Door type 1 no’s pneumatic with sensors
Door width 750 mm
Ground clearance 400 mm
Platform Aluminum chequered (Normal and Raised platform)
Emergency exit 2 windows, 1 door
Air ventilation 1 no’s
Hatrack 2 side (stainless steel)
Record box & toolbox 1 no.s each
First aid kit 1 no’s inbuilt
Fire extinguisher 10 kg
Microphone with speakers Provided
Wiper Radial type twin wiper system