Model 1

Model 2


Comfort category (DLX & ACX) Deluxe and AC Deluxe
Overall Body Width 2580 mm
Overall Body Height 3500 mm (with AC) and internal 2030mm
Overall Length Varies with wheelbase.
Seat Configuration (3×2) & (2×2)
Type of seat used Pushback & fixed seats
Seat material used Rexin and cloth options
Seat Width 1210 mm & 810 mm
Legroom Minimum of 280 mm
Gangway up to 600 mm
Side ventilation Pasted glass window / fixed and sliding glass window
Door no.’s & Door type 1 no, Pneumatic swing door
Door width 800 mm
Ground clearance 455 mm
Platform aluminum chequered over plywood
Emergency exit 2 windows, 1 door and 2 no’s escape hatch
Air ventilation 1 no’s inbuilt
Hatrack 2 side ACP with AC lower
Record box & toolbox 1 no.s each
First aid kit 1 no’s inbuilt
Fire extinguisher 10 kg
Microphone with speakers Provided
Storage space Rear dickey (3835 L) Side dickey ( 1670 L + 550 L)
Storage space type & panelling “C” through type with aluminium chequred
Cabin parition Partition with shelf inside (full width partition)
Inverter Provided
TV Provided
Electronically adjustable mirrors Provided
Projected Head lamps & LED Tail lamps Provided
USB Charger Provided
Sun visors Provided
LED strip light Provided on both berth and gangway
Wiper Overlap type of twin wiper system