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About Us

The Kondody Group began its journey as Kondody Motors way back in 1973. One of the earliest public transport operators in the state, Kondody Motors has expanded phenomenally from a single bus to a 30-bus strong fleet. The largest bus body builder in Kerala today, the Kondody Group has spread out into the tour operator segment also.

At a time when Kerala depended upon Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for its bus-body requirements, Kondody Autocraft, the bus building division of Kondody Group, started off as a fully-manual unit at Kottayam. A state-of-the-art building unit today, Kondody Autocraft's operations and technical prowess is quite renowned.

Equipped to deliver at least 700 buses a year, Kondody Autocraft has its core focus on constant innovation and technical advancement. The company has a veteran and qualified work force on its team who possess a great deal of expertise and experience in the industry. Kondody has always been a excited about innovations and has come up with one of the most path breaking developments in the industry through the use of Fibre Reinforced Plastic which helped design the vehicles more aesthetically and also prevent water leakage. Kondody Autocraft has always been quick to adapt global practices that serve to improve efficiency and longevity of its products. A company with promoters who have had a great foresight, Kondody Autocraft has always strived to keep pace with the most modern developments in the industry worldwide.

Aim / Vision / Mission

Vision / Mission Maintain the quality of bus body through high quality equipments and materials used in the ware house, there by provide maximum customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. To became the number one bus body manufacturer in India by 2020, by providing all sorts of bus bodies with high quality.

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